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Les chansons écrites 1900-1960

Les Feuilles Mortes

Les Feuilles Mortes is a popular French song known in English as “Autumn Leaves”.  The song is by Joseph Kosma with lyrics by French poet Jacques Prévert.  A chart hit in both Europe and America, it was featured in the movie “Les Portes de la Nuit” (1946) starring Yves Montand. However, it was first recorded by Cora Vaucaire and subsequently recorded more than 1,000 times. Continue reading Les Feuilles Mortes

Chanson pour l’auvergnat

Georges Brassens expresses his gratitude to those who stood by him. During his youth, Brassens had a traumatic experience, when he brought disgrace on himself and his family after being convicted of petty theft. There are references in this poem that seem to reflect these events. However the most immense debt of gratitude of Brassens life was due to a couple whom he met later, Marcel Planche and his wife, Jeanne. Continue reading Chanson pour l’auvergnat